Victoria has been an athlete all her life, competing in a variety of sports including volleyball, horseback polo, and bodybuilding. She has years of experience understanding what the body needs to reach peak performance. Most recently, Victoria competed in a bodybuilding competition, applying her extensive expertise in fitness, nutrition, and wellness preparation. Her lifelong background as a multi-sport athlete gives her unique insight into training the body and mind to go to the next level. Victoria knows first-hand the dedication and determination required to succeed, and she leverages her experiences to motivate and train clients to reach their full potential.

Sam was a standout lacrosse player throughout his high school career. In college, he transitioned into weight training and developed a passion for fitness. During his time overseas, Sam trained alongside friends in the Israeli Defense Forces reserves, building exceptional cardiovascular endurance and bodyweight/calisthenics skills. This diverse athletic background—from competitive team sports to strength training to endurance conditioning—equips Sam with comprehensive expertise to motivate and train clients to new levels of fitness. His well-rounded experience and understanding of different training modalities allow him to create customized programs tailored to each individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Clients benefit from Sam’s enthusiasm and firsthand knowledge of what it takes to maximize physical potential.